Welcome to the School Of Witchcraft

Since 1998 everybody (men and women) can become a certified witch by getting the degree of a Venefica or Veneficus (lat.= witch, master of witchcraft) at our school.
However there exist many different opinions about what a witch is. Most of them are based on superstitions out of fairytales which are still alive but do absolutely not deal with the truth.

A "Witch" - What's that actually?

For this explanation we prefer the word "hag" which is more similar to the German word "Hexe" for "witch". An etymological explanation you can find here.
"Hag" - the hedge-rider - a woman who is riding on THE hedge which separates the "normal" world from the paranormal world. So a hag is able to communicate with both sides.
The so called "paranormal" world stands for all the phenomena which could not be explained in these days and so were called "magic" such as weather, diseases and healing, astronomy and so on.
Nowadays there is no "magic" needed to eyplain such kind of phenomena because they can be explained by using different sciences. You could say that a witch was a precursor of today's nature scientists who saw phenomena in a real holistic way.
So let's say nowadays "WITCH" is a job title for someone who occupies him/herself with several sciences and their relations to each other (e.g. medicine, pharmacy, botany, physics, psychologiy and so on)

So finally this holistic way of work makes a real witch! She/he doesn't only use her/his expert knowledge to help others but also different methods of e.g. psychology, trained intuition and other topics which can be found as subjects of astrology, tarot, radiesthesia, naturopathy and magic.

The School Of Witchcraft

Our school was founded to explain mystical and all other things related to witchcraft and wizardry by scientific methods (physics, chemistry, biology, psychology etc.). We want to let people know how this all works and how they can use it, too. We are no religious foundation, we do not pray to any gods or godesses. We are not related to any esoterical foundation because everything we teach can be verified by reading books, papers or researches of nature sciences and psychology.