comes from the ancient Greek word magikós = "magical".
It describes the imagination that there exists a kind of "higher legality" that guides events an can only be influenced through rituals and witchcraft done by a sorcerer or "magician".
This "higher legality" make e.g. unexplainable phenomena. So gods and goddesses were used as higher forces who e.g. were punishing people with thunderstorms and lightings.
Nowadays you don't need any gods anymore to explains these phenomena because it can be explained by sciences. So from the moment on that you can explain something by scientific methods the believe in something (the nescience and magic) is replaced by KNOWLEDGE.

Magic and rituals at our School of Witchcraft:

The most used kind of magic is done by using ceremonial rituals. During these rituals symbols are used, words are spoken and sung to effect the desired aim.
Some of you might think of horror movies and so called "black" magic, now but No! - Magic is naturally "grey" - neither black nor white and shall not be used to harm somebody.

-- Do whatever you like but never harm somebody --

In fact magic should be used to increase the strenght of you own energy to e.g. become more self-confident.

People need rituals and always search for them. So we live to see the daily rituals of our society like weddings, baptisms etc. or the little rituals like kissing your partner before leaving or doing a meditation before falling asleep.

Magic rituals can be developed and used for many different porposes. Most of them are done to increase success, illumination, love and health.
Developing and performing magic rituals on your own you can learn at our School of Witchcraft. In case you search for someone who creates and does such a kind of ritual for you please contact us by eMail.

Talismans & Amulets

Amulets are passive and protect the user against negative energy and any kind of mischief.
Talismans are active and protect the user when they have been charged with special charms.

Amulets and Talismas are made individually for the future owner. When making amulets and talismans many factors have to be considered e.g. the horoscope, the position of stars and planets etc..
All factors are responsible for the look and effect of the talisman or amulet.

In case you are looking for someone who creates a talisman or amulet especially for you, just contact us by eMail.