• The new Online Courses start on the: :  2nd of June 2018. 

  • Due to some requests we would like to organize an exercise course on the topics of the first module in Klagenfurt (and its surrounding) this year. Previous knowledge is therefore the content of module 1, although the course of the first module does not have to be completed! It will take place on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in summer. We are thinking of the weekend of 21-22 July 2018

    The seminar will last 10 hours, divided into 2 days and starts from 7 participants (max. 15!).
    The fee for the seminar is 250, - per person. Children from 8 years of age, accompanying a participant, can participate free of charge!

  • Single Courses NEW: Since June 2016 we offer Single Courses to special topics of the School of Witchcraft! Just take a look at them!

  • Summer solstice 2017:
    This year it will take place on the 21st of Juni at 6:24h (CET)
    How do you celebrate this event? Just tell us by mail or inside the Witchbook!

  • June 2016: Our website has a new design! Thanks so much to all programmers and designers for this great work!

  • The Witchbook is online!: Our virtual classroom "Witchbook" is online! We are looking forward to many interesting reports, articles, discussions, questions and much more!

  • Online Coaching NEW since January 2016:
    Since 2016 we offer a complete new kind of Online-Coaching. Our new Online Courses start at certain times and lead our students through the whole module with daily and weekly schedules, little exercises, videos and audio files. Further more there is a virtual classroom where your questions are answered, you can meet other students and share your experiences with them. This classroom is protected und only accessable with user accounts.
  • June 2015: Our website has a new design! Thanks so much to all programmers and designers for this great work!

  • Winter solstice 2014:
    This years winter solstice takes place on 22nd of Decembre at 0:03h (MEZ)
    How do you celebrate? Tell us in the Online-Coaching discussion board or simple by using eMail!

    Here is a children's song for this festival in case you celebrate it together with your children. PDF in German: "Sonnenschein, mein Sonnenschein"

  • Samhain 2014:
    Thanks to all who helped at our Samhain party! Again, it was a very beautiful festival full of energy and magic! :)

  • School of Witchcraft - Media Appearance
    Reports about our school can be found in the archives (but also current) of the following editorials:

    • Reuters
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    • SAT1 - Freitag Nacht News ;-)
    • and many other newspapers and radiostations in Japan, China, Australia, Brasil, Mexico, etc.